Vaidhya Ratnam Purashkar to K T Sivanandan ji
Vaidhya Ratnam Purashkar

It is matter of pride and honour for AMCT that its founder Acharya Shri K.T. Shivanandan ji; the visionary of Ayurveda and Traditional healing sciences has been awarded with the title of ‘Vaidhya Ratnam Puraskar’ for the year 2022. The awarded was presented to Vaidhya Shri K.T. Sivanandan Shastri ji in presence of thousands of Traditional healers and Ayurvedic Practitioners in a conference hosted by University of Trans-Disciplinary Health Sciences and Technology (TDU), Bengaluru.

Vaidhya Ratna Award Winner K T Sivanandan Vaidyar Kerala

While pledging its dedication to the health and wellbeing of humans, plants and animals in natural and holistic way the audience applauded and highly praised the contribution of Shri K.T. Sivanandan ji in the field of NADI VIJGYANA, and AYURVEDIC Medical Practice. The audience acknowledged his dedicated work in Pulse diagnosis and traditional healing through out the nation and also his devoted influence on the youngsters to take up these medical arts as a healing practice in their respective regions.

The committee had a tedious selection method where in out of 1000 Traditional healers 50 practitioners were first filtered out and out of those 50 the best three were selected and finally presented with the title and the award.

Vaidhya Ratnam Puraskar

Vaidhya Ratnam Puraskaram - K T Sivanandan Vaidyar - Kerala

Shri K.T. Shivanand Vaidyar has dedicated his life and soul in development of LADA PRAMPARA. All his life he has treated and cured thousands of patients through this traditional medicinal practise. Not only this, he has worked dedicatedly in search of quick and effective methods of disease diagnosis by Traditional Lada Parampara. In the estimation of physical and mental status of a patient suffering from particular ailment is another area where Guruji has accomplished noteworthy and praiseworthy goals in the field of traditional medical care and therapeutic science. Besides following Guruji has relentlessly and devotedly led to development of pure organic herbal medicines for curing various diseases and disorders of human body.

Vaidhya Ratna Award to K T Sivanandan Vaidyar India

Besides This Shri K.T. Sivanandan Ji Is Also Associated With These Social And Healthcare Organizations-

  • Gujarat Ayurved University -Jamnagar – Gujarat
  • Rajasthan Ayurved University -Jodhpur, Rajasthan
  • Thaddesheeya Parambarya Chikilsa Vibhagam (TPCV)- Kerala – Sthapak
  • World Ethno Platform – National Member
  • Ethno Medicine – Kolkatta – National Member
  • Gaushala – Gandhinagar – Gujarat

Our heartfelt congratulations and best wishes to Shri K.T.Sivanand ji for his achievement and for the success he had earned with such dedicated hard work. It is indeed because of the work of such devoted personals that Indian healing arts are getting recognised all over the world. Our naman to his contribution. 

Glimpse - Vaidhya Ratnam Puraskar

Vaidhya Ratna Award Winner K T Sivanandan Vaidyar Kerala