Panchmahaboot AMCT

The five great elements namely Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space have been called as ‘apara prakriti’ by the Gita. These have very intriguing features or aspects related to them. The scriptures states that the grosser the elements the more it is perceived by the senses.

So going by this rule- the Earth is perceived by all the five senses that is eyes (solids can be seen), nose (solids have unique smell), Ears( solids have sound inherent in them), skin( one can touch solids), tongue( solids have particular taste).

Water which is subtler than Earth is perceived only by four senses namely eyes, ears, skin and tongue because it lacks smell and hence can’t be perceived by nose.

Fire is perceivable by just three senses that is one can see it, hear sound in it, feel it through skin. However one cannot taste or smell it. Air is perceived only by two senses that is skin and ears.

Space the subtlest of all the elements is only and only perceived by the ears and none other sense is able to detect it.

Five Elements - Panchmahabhoota - AMCT

All the five elements constitute our body composition. Our bodily has minerals etc (Earth element), Water, digestive fire (fire element), air and there is space in our body which lets things move within it. The source origin of these five great elements is the un-manifest, absolute and Supreme! Just as the science states that matter can neither be created nor be destroyed; the same has been stated in the Srimad Bhagwat Gita as follows-

नैनं छिन्दन्ति शस्त्राणि नैनं दहति पावकः ।
न चैनं क्ल‍ेदयन्त्यापो न शोषयति मारुतः

The Five great elements being essentially of nature of the absolute also are neither created nor destroyed however are subjected to change or modifications!

Thus understanding of PANCH MAHABHUTA can help us learn more about our body composition and it’s functioning. This can in turn help in healing of diseased condition of body.

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