Team AMCT at World Ayurvead Congress Goa 2022


The Nadi Parikshan (Pulse diagnosis or Nadi Consultation camp) will be held at the World Ayurveda Congress (WAC) – International AROGYA Expo of WAC Which is going to be held in Goa this on 8 – 11 December. The team AMCT will be participating in the World Ayurveda Congress in Goa along with TPCV with its experts in the field of Panchkarma, Rasayan Vigyan, Samudri Vigyan, Marma Chikitsa, Shailya Chiktsa, Dhoomr Chikitsa, Vish chikita.

This workshop will be conducted under the able guidance of Nadi Vigyana expert Vaidhya Ratham Puraskrut Lada Guru Shree K.T. Sivanand Vaidayar who is one of the leading traditional healers of India in Laad Parampara.

Pulse Diagnosis Nadi Parikshan with K T Sivanandan Vaidyar at WAC - GOA

With much enthusiasm and joy we proudly announce the commencement of NADI VIGYANA workshop on regular basis in GOA. This will be our small contribution towards the service of our Beloved motherland and gaumata!

PN : we are going to announce our new batch of Nadi Parikshan Learning workshop in the beginning of year 2023 at WAC Goa Event

Glimpse at WAC on Importance of "symbol 9" Traditional Nadi Parikshan by Vaidya Ratna Lada Guru Sri K T Sivanandan ji