Various Research Works Based On Lada Parampara Vigyan At AMCT ​

Since the age of 12, Sadguru Sri KizhakkekaraThankkapan Vaidyar traveled across India thrice along with his guru Sri Gopal Guru; and his son Guruji Sri KT Sivanandan Vaidyar travels across numerous states every month. From these tours and decades of experience in treating patients from all over India, the founders of AMCT came to a conclusive observation that every region has its own form of ailments and diseases; but nature provides cure to all these problems in form of locally growing herbs and plants.

Hence, medicinal solutions to every disease usually grows around in the same climatic regions. Having practiced this idea since decades, the research wing of AMCT is now working on collection of data and conducting studies on this ancient traditional Vedic Vigyan. Not only does this help with preparing better herbal medicines, but also contributes to medicinal research of the country. Another subject for research at AMCT is to develop different combinations of medicinal herbs that can effectively cure the diseases of modern days.