Other Social Activities Of AMCT​

Some of the Social activities across the India for Environment Care, Valu Education and Health for Better Tomorrow

Traditional Indian Treatment:

Every region, city, village, mountain of our country is home to local flora and fauna, and each one of these have their own importance. A lot of these herbs and plants have special medicinal values; and can be used for the benefit and treatment of the society if proper knowledge about their values is attained. 

At AMCT, we are continuously striving to promote this concept of local herbal medicines by:

  1. Educating the young generation about the identification of the herbs wildly growing on roadsides, farms, localities, mountains and forests. 
  2. After recognising the herbs, understanding its composition and medicinal qualities to formulate medicines by mixing them. We promote this skill by organising workshops in various parts of the country. 
  3. We also deliver this traditional medicinal knowledge to Ayurvedic doctors, professionals and aspiring students to promote nadi science.

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Science of pulse diagnosis: 

  1. AMCT has developed well-structured courses like Lad Shiksha, Lad Vidya Ratnam and Lad Vidya Acharyam to deliver proper knowledge about health and wellness of the society, and also preserve the art of traditional pulse science.
  2. We deliver the knowledge of Nadi science to Ayurvedic doctors, professionals and aspiring students by conducting workshops across the states of India. 
  3. To provide advanced learning options to curious individuals, we are making special arrangements using the “Guru-Shishya” (teacher-disciple) education method. 
  4. By promoting the ancient science of pulse diagnosis among the youth, we are preserving this form of treatment.
  5. We are striving to bring all traditional medicine practitioners from different states together. 

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Other miscellaneous social activities: 

  1. Visiting schools of small villages and towns to educate and motivate the children about Indian medicines.
  2. Providing free health care, medicines, textbooks, uniforms, food items and and even scholarships to children from backward regions and families. 
  3. During medical tours, we connect various institutions with temples, gaushalas, charitable institutions, child labor in consultation. 
  4. AMCT is working on creating clusters in villages, encouraging organic and cow based agriculture.

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Social service during natural disasters: 

  1. Team AMCT actively participates in social service during natural disasters like storms, earthquakes and pandemics. 
  2. In 2016 Kerala floods, AMCT had organised free medical camps in various areas of the state for general public
  3. For the betterment of the various backward classes, AMCT distributed free food for 15 consecutive days.