Social Activities Of AMCT : Nadi Parikshan Camp (Consultation)​

Nadi Parikshan Health Checkup Consultation Camps & Ayurvedic Treatment through Pulse Examination

Nadi Parkishan is an ancient diagnosis technique where the vibratory frequency of body is listened to accurately diagnose any imbalances in physical, mental and emotional equilibrium – or the ‘Dosha’ of the body. At Agasthyamath Charitable Trust, trained Nadi Parikshaks (Nadi Experts) conduct Nadi Parkishan for accurate diagnosis, and recommend suitable treatments and therapeutic plans to the patients.

Taking care of one of the primary goals of Agasthyamath Charitable Trust, Guruji Sri Sivananda Vaidiyar and AMCT team organizes Nadi Parkishan or pulse diagnosis camps in 23 cities across India. During the Nadi Parkishan camps, Lada Parampara-based pulse diagnosis is conducted and patients suffering from all kinds of diseases come for effective cure. Nadi Parikshan can also help with early or even predictive diagnosis of diseases, before any physical symptoms appear – and hence help with preventive cure.

The pulses vary from time to time through the day due to the continuously varying Doshas in body, affected by the planetary actions and positions of sun and moon. Hence, as per Lada Parampara, the ideal time for pulse diagnosis is early morning, with an empty stomach – or at least three hours after eating food. Hence AMCT Nadi Parkishan camps are conducted in the early hours of the day for accurate diagnosis.

Nadi Parkishan camps are conducted at a total of 23 cities and places from 5 states across the country every month, helping and treating thousands. This initiative is supported by various institutes like Gaushalas, Ayurvedic hospitals, clinics, Trust Temples, universities and colleges – where AMCT uses the infrastructural facility to organize the camps regularly.

AMCT's Nadi Parikshan Health Camps​

Agastyamatah Charitable Trust's Health Checkup Camps - every month in 5 states and 23 Cities since 1996

AMCT's Nadi Parikshan Pulse Diagnosis Camps in India
23 Cities - 5 States (Regular 12 months every year since 1996 )AMCT's Nadi Parikshan Pulse Diagnosis Camps in India

Few Glimpse - Health Check Up Consultation Camps At Various Cities - India​