Social Activities Of AMCT : Nadi Parikshan Learning Workshop As Lada Parampara​

Nadi Vigyan is perhaps one of the oldest forms of diagnosis based on pulses of the body, and there are four recognized Nadi systems in India: Gujarati, Bengali, Ravana’s system and Saint Agasthya’s system. Of all these science of pulses, Lada Parampara is a millenniums old art originating from the knowledge passed on by Lord Shiva to Goddess Parvati, and then eventually to Saint Agasthya. The precious knowledge, also known as Lada Vidya was passed on to the disciples of Saint Agasthya, and Nadi Vigyan is a part of the knowledge. The ancient knowledge has propagated and survived till date, but is eventually becoming rare and forgotten.

In order to keep the Lada Parampara-based traditional medicinal art and Nadi Vigyan alive, AMCT works in different ways to propagate this knowledge among the youth of modern times. With this purpose of delivering knowledge, Guruji Sri Sivanandan Vaidyar himself conducts Nadi Learning Workshops in various health education centers, universities and treatment centers of India. The eligible candidates include medical health professionals from Ayurveda (BAMS), Homeopathy (BHMS), Allopathic Doctors (MBBS) and anyone working with healthcare sector with a willingness to learn Nadi Vigyan for the betterment of society.

The duration of Nadi Learning workshops is 6 months, including both theoretical and practical knowledge about Nadi Parikshan. Since Nadi Vigyan is an experience-based knowledge taught by Guru-Shishya Parampara educational system, availability of any form of written content is rare and precious. The only medium of spreading Nadi Vidhya is through the sole survivor of this knowledge and his workshops – Guruji Sri Sivanandan Vaidyar. The techniques of Nadi Vigyan can be used as supplementary methods of diagnosis for medical professionals in their daily practices – and expand their skill sets.

AMCT's Nadi Parikshan Vigyan Learning Workshops Since 2009​

Agastyamatah Charitable Trust spreading this knowledge of Pulse Examination across the india in 7 States, 12 cities since 2009

Nadi Parikshan Learning Workshops by AMCT in India
7States - 12 Cities since year 2019 -Nadi Parikshan Learning Workshops by AMCT in India

Nadi Pariksha (as Lada Parampara) Training with Guru Sri Sivanandanji

with Traditional Method (Guru Sishya Parampara Paddhati)

Few Glimpse - Nadi Vigyan Learning Workshop & Camps At Various Places Of India​