Social Activities Of AMCT : Aushadhi Nirman​

One of the Social Seva is to collect Herbs with Ancient Methods And Use The Traditional Herbs Before Use Into Treatment as Lada Parampara

Treatment, as per ‘Paramparik Chikitsa Paddhati– Traditional Treatment Method’ Ayurveda, is broadly divided into two steps: Daiva Vyapaasraya’ (psychotherapy) and ‘Yukti Vyapaasraya’ (physical interventions). While the first part is ritual based, the second part includes use of therapies and drugs or medicines derived from natural components. There are numerous ancient literary works and resources that Ayurveda follows for growing, harvesting, formulation, techniques and dosage of the herbal drugs.

All these medicinal systems, including the one suggested in Lada Parampara commonly imply that medicines are an important part of treatment process, and needs to be handled judiciously – and “injudicious use of even an elixir can prove harmful”. A quote from one of the classical Ayurvedic literatures Charaka Samhita says that “An unknown drug is just like a poison or a weapon or a fire or the Vajra, the famous weapon of Indra (the king of Gods as per Hindu mythology)”.

The ancient medicinal system also believes that every medicinal substance present in nature – including plants, animal products or minerals are hardly used in its natural crude form as medicines. Hence, every substances undergoes a specific process to become palatable drugs – and these procedures must be judiciously followed.

Unlike mass production pharmaceuticals, AMCT respects the traditional pharmaceutical principles, all medicinal preparations stringently follow the guidelines and formulations of Lada Parampara. Every herb is grown, harvested and extracted with absolute care, and processed in suitable ways to eradicate the physical and chemical impurities from the crude herbs.

Hence, every medicine prepared at AMCT is completely natural, organic and authentic for optimum results. The different types of drug forms prepared at AMCT includes Asavas, Churans, Vatti, Bhasma, Sindoor etc. and are prescribed to patients by experts and Nadi Parikshaks, depending on their diseases, needs and doshas.