Learn Nadi Parikshan Batch GOA by K T Sivanandanji jan2023 by AMCT

HariKrishna Gurukulam a division of AMCT has completed another successful energetic and full of knowledge (Gyan) of NADI PARIKSHAN WORKSHOP in GOA on Date 13, 14 and 15 of Jan2023 in association with Goa council of Ayurvedic and Indian system of medicine in collaboration with Keshav Seva Sadhana, Bethoda Ponda, Goa, organized a 3 days Nadi Pariksha (Pulse Diagnosis) residential workshop . The training is conducted by Lada Guru Shri K T Sivadnandan Vaidyar( Kerala) from AMCT.

Opening Ceremony Pulse Diagnosis in GOA 2023

List of so many Traditional Nadi Parikshan course, this is one of its first in Goa for the Ayurveda fraternity. We were blessed to have admist us Hon. PWD minister Shri Nilesh Cabral who distributed hand book on Nadi Parikshan named LADA CHIKITSA RATNAM – PRATHAM DIKSHA PRATHAMA CHARAN also has shared his personal views on how Ayurveda could benefit him and importance of Traditional Ayurveda’s Value. His words of support and guidance were accomplishing. Keshav seva sadhana Adhyaksh Sri Nana Behare (Nanaji).

Blessed to have Guru Shri Sivanandan ji Vaidyar as Guru for this worship who believes is Guru Shishya parampara and the Lada Tradition.

Lada Chikitsa Ratnam : Pratham Diksha : Pratham Charan Hand Book Distribution at GOA
Importance of Traditional Nadi Parikshan by Nanaji in GOA

On the closing ceremony we feel pleasure to be with Hon Sri Subhash Ankush Shirodkar ji (MLA Shiroda Consti.) (Minister for Co Operation and Water Resource Development & Chairman of Shivgra Education Society Who distributed Certificates to all the candidates. along with Sri Pradeep Sarmokadam (Member secretary BioDiversity Board Govt. of Goa State organization working for Conservation and Promotion of Biodiversity in Goa State.

One and very eye catching incidence in this event was…

Total 35 Candidates present on this workshop from 6 different states including Goa, Gujarat, Maharastra, Haryana, Karnataka & Kerala from 23 different cities and towns.With majority of 82% were Female ! Out of those 35 candidates 65% were Ayurveda Students and rest belong to Yoga, Neturopathy, Meditation fields. In the age group between 18 yrs to 56 years !

In behalf of whole AMCT Team we are thankful all the participants and very special thanks to Res. Dr Sneha Bhagwat ji & Goa council of Aurvedic and Indian System of Medicine as well as Nanaji Bahede the Mukhya Sevak Keshava Seva Sadhana Ponda Goa and supporting all the staff members for helping us for such a wonderful Nadi Parikshan Event in Ponda, Goa.

In This Pulse Diagnosis Workshop the points Covered...

Glimpse of Pulse Diagnosis Workshop : Lada Chikitsa Ratnam - Pratham Diksha : Pratham Charan - GOA Batch Jan2023

Nadi Parikshan - Pulse Diagnosis Batch GOA 2023