Lipedema Disorder / Lipedema Legs - Problem Causes Symptoms Treatment As Per Ayurveda And Traditional Healing Methods

Lipedema is a disorder of abnormal and irregular adipose fat deposition beneath the skin especially on thigh, hips and legs all the way down to the ankle. Initially it can be classified as a cosmetic concern, but if ignored, it can cause other health issues such as pain in legs, mobility issues, joint pain,serious bruises on stretched skin. The acute level of Lipedema can also cause fat deposition in the upper extremities and upper body as on chest, abdomen resulting in painful obesity. Lipedema is more common among females.

Ayurveda does not have a specific name for this condition, but as per hetu, dosha and dushya vitiation, it can be categorised under a medovruddhi vyadhi. It is caused due to vitiation in the Vata and Kapha dosha, and agnimandya which disturbs the digestion and assimilation of food in its nutritious form. Simultaneously it disturbs dhatu especially meda dhatu metabolism and if intake of heavy, greasy,stale,fermented,kapha vruddhikar food,sedentary lifestyle, stress and if no exercises persist for long time,in various phases of female life, it may lead to various issues leading to hormonal imbalance and medo vruddhi.

Causes Of Lipedema

  • According to modern science, the exact cause has not been found yet, but heredity and fluctuation of female hormones during puberty, pregnancy, post & peri menopause is believed to be a possible cause.

    Other causes that might aggravate the risk of lipedema may be surgery, liposuction, trauma during surgery etc.

Signs And Symptoms Of Lipedema

  • Symmetrical enlargement of legs with band-like appearance around the ankles
  • In chronic conditions, firm nodules or lobules of fat may be seen on skin
  • Easy bruising and subcutaneous bleeding
  • Hypersensitivity of the affected part
  • Painful swelling
  • Abnormal gait and posture
  • Upper body is much more smaller than lower body
  • Cosmetically disfigurement
  • Joint pain due to overweight
  • Depression
  • Fluid retention resulting in pitting odema and bruises.

Management of Lipedema

Lipedema can be diagnosed using various scanning techniques such as doppler test, ultrasound and special blood tests. After diagnosis, its management should include physical as well as mental counselling since the patient undergone depression caused due to it rather than physical complications of lipedema.

As per Ayurveda, dosha dushya vitiation treatments like deepan, pachan to ignite jathara agni (digestive power), dhatwagni especially medodhatvagni and the medohara and shoth hara treatment can be used for management of Lipedema.

Other treatment plan consists of patta bandhan (compression), shiro dhara for mental peace and yoga, exercises as walking in river against the flow of water to avoid the stambh (restriction of movement)in legs and other various exercise practices along with light and healthy diet. Under AMCT’s  peaceful environment,calm and soothing atmosphere both depression created by lipedema and its complications melts and disappear in nature’s lap.