Heart Diseases / Blockages (Hrud Roga) –Problem Symptoms Causes Treatment As Per Ayurveda And Traditional Healing Methods

As we all know that heart is a very vital organ of our body.It is included in three vital marma in Ayurveda. Any injury to it may cause serious complications or death of the individual. It’s vitality is proven by its function of spreading nutrients to the whole body through blood and collecting toxins from the whole body and purifing it and so on. Thus, carrying function involuntarily without break.

Dosha And Strotas

All Three Doshas (TriDoshas) i.e Vata, Pitta, Kapha as well Ojas ( subtle essence of the body). present here. Specifically Vyan VayuPrana VayuSadhak PittaAvalambak Kapha are seated here which maintains it’s structure as well function. Any vitiation in any of this Dosha affects its function and causes its diseases.

There are Thirteen Strotas (Channels, passage) are present in the body to circulate nutrition to each and every cell of the body out of which 3 are rooted in the heart. They are Rasavaha Strotas, Pranavaha Strotas, Manovaha Strotas. It circulates nutrition in the form of Rasa, Prana (inner energy) and Emotions. Thus heart is uniquely bounded with physical and mental health. It is also place for ten vessels which carries blood to and fro in the body.

According to Vedic and yogic science it is also a place of ‘Anahat Chakra’ which is responsible for calmness and purity by its name as not injured, pure. It is an intersection between inner and outer world energies and a bridge to higher conciseness. It is associated with emotional feelings as compassionate love, care,grief, lonliness. Thus heart is not just physically vital but mentally too.

Reasons / Causes Of Heart Disease as Ayurveda

Vataj, Pitaj and Kaphaj Doshas

Any vitiation in Doshas, Dhatus, Strotas may cause Heart Disease.This vitiation can caused by various reasons as

  1. Adibalapravrutta: Hereditary Cardiovascular Diseases
  2. Janmabalapravrutta: Congenital Cardiovascular Disease
  3. Doshabala pravrutta: Cardiovascular Disease due to Doshic vitiation as Vata, Pitta, Kapha, Sannipata
  4. Sanghatabalapravrutta: Cardiovascular Disease due to (a) Trauma (b) Poisoning
  1. Kalabalapravrutta: Cardiovascular Disease due to Environmental or seasonal variations
  2. Upasargaja: Cardiovascular Disease due to Infectious diseases as Krumij Hrudroga e.g. Endocarditis, etc
  1. Swabhavabalakruta: Cardiovascular Disease due to Natural ageing process
  2. Adhyatmika: Psychological factors leading to Cardiovascular
    Disease like Hypertension
  1. Daivabalakruta: Cardiovascular Disease due to Idiopathic or unknown cause, due to bad deeds of previous lives

lifestyle and diet factors are

निदान- अत्युष्णगुर्वम्लकषायतिक्तैः श्रमाभिघाताध्यशनप्रसङ्गैः ।

संचिन्तनैर्वेगविधारणैश्च हृदामयः पञ्चविधः प्रदिष्टः ॥ १



According to ancient science heart is made from Mamsa, Meda, Kapha Dhatu and connected with Raktavaha Strotas in the form of blood vessels and its circulation is carried out by Prana Vayu, Vyana Vayu and digestion of nutrition is done by Sadhak Pitta and its flexibility is maintained by Avalambak Kapha. Thus vitiation in any of this Dosha, Dhatu, Strotas causes various diseases classified according to Dosha vitiation dominance. This are Vataj, Pittaj, Kaphaj, Sannipataj, and Krumij Hrudroga.

सम्प्राप्ति- दूषयित्वा रसं दोषा विगुणा हृदयं गताः ।

हृदि बाधां प्रकुर्वन्ति हृद्रोगं तं प्रचक्षते ॥२

Here, Rasa is a nutrient of the heart which if affected by any vitiated Dosha, Dhatu results in Heart Disease.

Symptoms Of Heart Disease / Blockages as per Ayurveda

Includes Chest pain, Chest Tightness, Chest Pressure, Chest Discomfort, Shortness of Breath including Pain in the Neck, Jaw, Throat, Upper Abdomen or Back

According to the symptoms of above mentioned types of Hrudroga it can corelate with the modern cardiac disorders as below:

Vataj hrudrog

Vataprakopa is caused by excessive exertion, long term fasting, dry, malnourished diet, heavy work, mental stress, anxiety which causes Vataj Hrudroga.

Symptoms include – stabbing throbbing pain in the heart, restlessness,pitting pain in the chest and back, chest tightness, lightheadness

वातज हृद्रोग

आयम्यते मारुतजे हृदयं तुद्यते तथा । निर्मथ्यते दीर्यते च स्फोट्यते पाट्यतेऽपि च ॥३

It Can be corelated to Cardiac diseases as Angina, anxiety prone hypertension, calcification of arterial walls i. e arterosclerosis, arrythmia, muscle fatigue which may cause cardiomyopathy, valves stenosis.

Pittaj hrudroga

Excessive intake of hot, sour, salty, spicy food, alcohol, smoking, anger, envy results in pitta prakopa which chronically affect blood vessels and causes CVD as Endocarditis, myocardial infarction, ischaemia, pericarditis.

symptoms include – burning sensation in heart, nausea, dryness of mouth, syncope, fatigue, excessive thirst, dizziness..

पित्तज हृद्रोग

तृष्णोष्णदाहचोषाः स्युः पैत्तिके हृद्नदे क्लमः । धूमायनं च मूर्च्छा च स्वेदः शोषो मुखस्य च ॥૪

Kaphaj Hrudroga

Long term overeating habbit, heavy, oily, greasy, fatty food intake, sedentary lifestyle, no exercise causes kapha prakopa which causes accumulation of fat in the innerwall of blood vessels causing atherosclerosis, high cholesterolemia.other diseases as congestive cardiac failure, oedema, hypertrophy.

symptoms are heaviness in the chest, watering of mouth, tastelessness, anorexia, short breath, numbness and cold extremities

कफज हृद्रोग

गौरवं कफसंस्त्रावोऽरुचिः स्तम्भोऽग्निमार्दवम् । माधुर्यमपि चाऽऽस्यस्य बलासावतते हृदि ॥

Sannipataj Hrudroga

It causes vitiation of all doshas and include all three doshas symptoms but with high intensity and it is an emergency , life threatning condition. Symptoms includes mixture of all above doshas.

Krimij Hrudroga

It can cause by parasites which are caused if Sannipataj or in emergency patient had heavy,parasite influencial food as curd, jaggery, sesame etc. It is very rare condition.  eg. Dirofilariasis which Is caused by dirofilaria immitis also known as heartworm.

It causes severe twitching pain, itching, fever, vommiting, anorexia etc.

Management Of Heart Diseases

Heart Blockage Treatment In Ayurveda As Ancient Method of Traditional Lada Chikitsa Parampara in India

As above mentioned it is Tridoshaj Disease so according to Dosha dominance treatment is given which include Shodhana (Detoxification), Panchakarma, then shaman medicines to passify the vitiated Doshas ,and then the Rasayana, rejuvenating treatment as cardiac tonics ,lifestyle and diet regulation. And as it is Sthana of Ojas, Chetana, emotions hence, mental stress anxiety, depression should be avoided. Shirodhara, Shiropichu, Mantra Jaap, along with Yoga and exercises training are effective.

As it is a vital organ , marma its health maintanace is very important which can be only maintained by following the science of living life. Hence, protect your heart and protect yourself.