Ayurvedic Doctors Upgrading Their Knowledge Of Nadi Parikshan – A Learning Camp At Gandhinagar Gujarat

AMCT team recently conducted its 5th session of Nadi Parikshna Chikitsa camp in Gujarat on 19/5/2019. The team under the able guidance of Shri K.T. Sivanandan ji’s approach was to reconcile and include the holistic and comprehensive methods of traditional medicinal art like Nadi Parikshan and Nadi Chikitsa in the syllabus.

The “Lada Guru” from Paramparik Chikitsa Paddhati “ LADA PARAMPARA” Sri K. T. Sivanandan Vaidyar from Kerala (Agastyamatah Charitable Trust) heading Pulse Diagnosis Learning Workshop to Ayurvedacharya (Ayurved Professional (Doctors)) from Gujarat at Aum Aryagram –  Sampurna Ayurved Chikitsa Kendra (hospital), Randheja Chokdi, Gandhinagar.

The camp was mostly attended by the Ayurvedic practitioners both men and women either employed in the best government hospitals of Gujarat or are running their own private Ayurvedic medical centres. Some of the participants were also professionals in the art of traditional medical healing techniques. 

Commencing the study exactly from where the participants completed in the fourth session, the camp members learned  how to observe and diagnose an ailment through yet another technique namely ‘ Nadi Gaman Kriya’. The participants learned the technique on live subjects to understand the subtlety of the healing art.

In The Words Of One Of The Participants Of The ‘Traditional Healing Practitioner, Sri Vijay Bhai’-

The most significant part of a natural and holistic Traditional practise is the correct diagnosis of the disease. The Pulse Analysis aids in this very aim of correct identification and diagnosis; discriminately and quite easily.

Since people are not much aware about traditional medicinal arts and the abandonment of these ancient medicinal arts by both the masses and the government has made the Ayurvedic treatment discredited in general.

However the knowledge imparted here in this camp with live practise on the subjects, has made the learning so much interesting and easier. Not to mention the enthusiasm it has infused in the hearts of all the lovers of Traditional medicinal arts. 

The simple and uncomplicated method followed by reverend Guruji has made us realize about the vastness and subtlety of procedures of Ayurveda.  I have been indeed fortunate to have attended this camp and simultaneously to have come in contact with the team of AMTC.