Successful Completion Of Workshop On Nadi Parikshan Another Feather In Cap For AMCT

Quite recently an attention-grabbing and interesting program was held at Kurushetra (Haryana – India). The program chiefly dealt with combining the Indian traditional healing practices with Ayurveda in order to find out easy and accessible solutions and diagnosis of human ailment. This was in a ‘NADI PARIKSHAN’ workshop organised by NASYA ( National Ayurveda Student Youth Association- Haryana) the work shop was conducted by Dr Pragyan Tripathi under the able guidance of Professor Sri Baldeva Kumar.

Dr Pragyan Tripathi (MD in Ayurved) is presently working as an Ayurvedic practitioner, from 6th April to 7th April 2019, he conducted a national workshop on ‘Nadi Parikshan’ along with his associate Dr G P Upadhya where in 55 male and 66 female; a total of 121 Ayurvedacharyas participated from all over the nation.

Vaidya Pragyan is a young energetic ayurvedacharya who has dedicated himself to create awareness about Ayuveda method of traditional healing practices amongst the Indians. At present he is actively practising the Indian traditional medical arts in Ujjain along with his associates and colleagues. Because of his passionate interest and deep dedication in Ayurveda, he came in contact with Sri K. T. Sivanandan Ji who was played a major role in teaching him the science of Nadi Parikshan.

The key role of the workshop conducted by Dr Pragyan Tripathi was to establish the significant role of Nadi parikshan in the field of Ayurveda and also how Nadi Parikshan can help in quick diagnosis of disease in human body. Besides this the agenda of the workshop included the practical aspect of Nadi Parikshna.

All 121 participants of the workshop enthusiastically learned the science and application of this ancient yet most practical healing art of Nadi Parikshan.

He paid his sincere gratitude and acknowledge the major role of NASYA group and his associate vaidya Dr G P Upadhya in successful conduction of the workshop. Later thanking all the participants of the workshop and especially Sri K. T. Sivanandan ji and his AMCT team for his holy guidance on this traditional Chikitsa Vidya Paddhati and Dr Pragyan Tripathi stated that the workshop had been successful in providing precise and accurate knowledge on the fact; how all the traditional healing practices of Indian have been contributing to enrich the practice of Ayurveda since ancient times.

While addressing the audience, Dr Tripathi stated that if the coming generation of Ayurvedacharya are taught the traditional healing practices such as Nadi Vigyan then the Indian society will gain immensely in the health care and medical sector.