Learn Traditional Method Pulse Diagnosis with Lada Guru K T Sivanandan Vaidyar Kerala

Opportunity To Learn Traditional Nadi Parikshan - Pulse Diagnosis In GOA with Lada Guru Sri KT Sivanandan Vaidyar Kerala


Ayurvedic Doctors and Students Upgrading Their Knowledge Of Nadi Parikshan – A Learning Workshop At GOA.

AMCT team recently designed its next session of Nadi Pariksha Learning workshop in Goa at Dates: 13,14 and 15 JAN-2023 in association with Goa Council Of Ayurvedic And Other Allied Indian System Of Medicine and Keshav Seva Sadhana – Ponda – GOA

. The team under the able guidance of Shri K.T. Sivanandan ji’s approach was to reconcile and include the holistic and comprehensive methods of traditional medicinal art like Nadi Parikshan and Nadi Chikitsa in the syllabus with traditional method with Guru Shishya Parampara. It is going to be “Nadi Parikshan Pratham Diksha Pratham Charan“.

Nadi Parikshan Workshop in GOA - Jan2023

The workshop is  mostly attended by the Ayurvedic practitioners both men and women either employed in the best government hospitals of Gujarat or are running their own private Ayurvedic medical centres or who are students can also apply. Some of the participants were also professionals in the art of traditional medical healing techniques.

Commencing the study exactly from where the participants completed in the fourth session, the camp members learned  how to observe and diagnose an ailment through yet another technique namely ‘ Nadi Gaman Kriya’. The participants learned the technique on live subjects to understand the subtlety of the healing art.

Learn Pulse Diagnosis with Lada Parampara - Indian Traditional Method

In this workshop, There will be understanding, discussing and practice on…

Also with Lada Chikitsa Ratnam Pratama Adhyaya Pattyabhaga Vitharan, including Question & Aanswers etc. very interesting points. The most attrecting thing would be Practicles in association of Lada Guru Sri K T Sivanandan ji.

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