Launching AMCT TV & - Blog

On the auspicious day of Smruti Divas of Param Guru Sri Thankkapan Vaidyar ji, it is a matter of great delight that I, K. T. Sivanandan Vaidyar; Lada Guru Nadi Vaidya, Faculty of Nadi Pariksha from Kerala ; University of Rajasthan and Gujarat in collaboration with other traditional healers from around the nation, launching website and “AMCT TV” YouTube Channel for spreading the knowledge of Nadi Vigyan and Parikshan.

The sole aim to launch this website and you tube channel is to enrich people and Ayurvedic /Traditional healing practitioners with the principles of Nadi Parikshan and Vigyan which can immensely benefit the healers in diagnosis and treatment of both acute and chronic illness without the involvement of technological diagnostic tools and chemical drugs with side effects.

Herein I will try my best to impart information and share my experiential knowledge about the Nadi Sutra Vigyan and also about common as well as rare herbs that have proven beneficial in treating certain types of illnesses of human body.

I also envision this site as a platform for promoting the ‘NINE PRAKALPAS’ of Aagastyamatah Charitable Trust – Goa (AMCT) begins with (1) Swastya Chikitsa – (Health)  (2) Value Education – Traditional Education (3) Environmental Care and Traditional Agriculture, those have been conceived and designed to profit the society at large with the noble thought of service to the “Mankind” and “Gaumata” which is the backbone of Indian cultural and medicinal system.