Announcement – Innovative Research On Jwara W.S.R To Nadi Vidya Vigyanam

It was the matter of extreme honor and pride for AMCT when one of the brightest student of Sri K. T. Sivanandan jiAyushmati Dr. Priyanka; was given the opportunity to present her paper titled, ‘A REVIEW OF ROLE OF INDIAN TRADITIONAL KNOWLEDGE IN THE MANAGEMENT OF JWARA W.S.R. TO NADI VIDYA VIGYANAM’. At a symposium organized by Faculty of Ayurveda, IMS, BHU, Varanasi and people’s foundation at  Swatantra Bhawan, BHU, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh on 14th to 16th March’2019. The presentation of the paper was done at the remarkable event namely WORLD CONGRESS OF AYURVEDA (WCABHU-2019), AYUSHMAN EXPO AND HEALTH MELA 2019.

The paper presentation however a joint endeavor of the team members which included most reverend guruji Sri K.T.Sivanandan himself , reverend Guruji Sri Thankappan Vaidyar, reverend Guruma Ulagi, Dr Pramod Kumar Mishra (HOD- P.G. DEPARTMENT OF KAYA CHIKITSA) and Dr. Sanjay Srivastav ( P. G. DEPARTMENT OF SHALYA CHIKITSA).

Our research paper presentation work on Nadi Vidya Vigyanam was appreciated in the scientific session. The chairman, the co -chairman and guest lecturers congratulated the team and expressed their gratitude to the dedication and devotion of the AMCT team. Our research work on Nadi Vidya Vigyan was also appreciated in panel session discussion also. One of the panel session members was enormously impressed by the research study of the team members which explained to them the significance of Nadi Parikshan, stating it to be one of the quickest method for the deduction of an ailment present in human body. The judges of the panel discussion also appreciated the dedication and devotion of the AMCT teamwork on Nadi Vidya Vigyanam.

Around 5000 delegates and health care experts all over the globe along with CEO’s of established brands of Ayurvedic products, nearby 1500 students including students of BHU and other universities applauded the remarkable work of AMCT members and showed their immense interest in this traditional medical science which is fast losing its relevance in the era of allopathic medicine.

The event was attended by imminent personalities like Vaidyaraj Rajesh Kotecha (Secretary; Ministry of Ayush; Gov of India, New Delhi), Padma Bhushan Vaidya Devendra Triguna ( President Ayurveda: Maha sammelan; New Delhi), Dr Dilip Govindrao Mhaisekara (Vice Chancellor; Maharashtra University of Health Sciences, Nasik), Vaidya K. S. Dhiman ( Director General; CCRAS; New Delhi); working diligently and dedicatedly in the field of Ayurveda and Paramparic Chikitsa.

This event no doubt has helped in spreading the fact that their exists an acute need of popularizing the science of traditional healthcare practices under the observation and guidance of experts of Ayurveda and other traditional healthcare practitioners for the promulgation of the precious jewel of Ayurveda amongst the general masses. According to Sri K.T. Sivanandan ji of AMCT such noble works should be carried out frequently so that the whole Indian society may continue to receive the benevolence and expedience of well proven art and science of Indian healthcare system.