Observance and accomplishment of Ganpati Yagna

at Keshav Gaushala - Ashwino Devalaya- Gandhinagar

Ganapati Yagna at Keshav Gauslaha Gandhinagar

Under the able guidance of Lada Guru Shree K.T. Shivanand Vaidyar; a Ganpati Yagana was carried out on Makar Sankranti day Dt. 14.01.2022 in the Keshav Gaushala’s premises of Keshav Gaushala; Ashwino Devalaya at Gandhinagar; Gujarat.

In principles of Bhagwat Gita, where in the Supreme Lord Himself says

भोक्तारं यज्ञतपसां सर्वलोकमहेश्वरम् । सुहृदं सर्वभूतानां ज्ञात्वा मां शान्तिमृच्छति

When a yagna is performed for the satisfaction of the Supreme then automatically all the living entities are simultaneously benefited because the Lord resides in the heart of all as Paramatma.

The sole purpose of Performance of yagna was “Jagat Kalyana”. The yagna was performed with purest Panchgavya products obtained as a blessing from Gaumata. The Milk, Curd, Ghee, Gaumutra and Gomaya were used to perform the oblations in sacrificial fire along with herbs namely, Durva, Vadangustha, Amrutha, Savan, Amba all know to have medicinal properties. The Chanting of Panchakshri Mantra and Surabhaya Namah Mantra spiritualized the whole environment and uplifted the consciousness of all those present and benefited those who were mentally present.

Eminent personalities and Health gurus like Shree Shaji MP Vaidyar, Shree Sabin, Shree Sudheesh P R, Shree Rameshan ji and many other from all over the nation blessed the ceremony with their presence.

Later the yagna Acharya Lada Guru Shree K.T. Sivanandan Vaidyar and Saha Acharya Shree Animesh Shastriji told the assembly that the portion of the traditional premises of the Keshav Gaushala was to be used as Ayurvedic Chiktsalya where in the treatment based on Traditional healing practises as Lada Parampara of Kerala, Panchkarma method will be made available for Neurological disorders like Servical Spondilities, Joint Pain, Knee Problems, Spine Care, Kidney Ailments in the able treatment of Ayurvaidacharyas and Healing practitioners.

Panchkarma, Lepamam, Marma Massage, Shriodhara, Virechan and some other Ayurvedic treatments will be made available in the Chitiksalaya for the patients from Gandhinagar, Ahmedabad, Mehsana etc.