Muhurat of Goa Central Office of Agastyamatah Charitable Trust on 25-03-2019

By the grace of Lord Shiva and Agastya Maharishi AMCT (Agastyamatah Charitable Trust) inaugurated its central office at Goa on Monday the 25th March’2019. 

The office has been established to carry out all the co-ordinating functioning of AMCT across the different regions of India. The AMTC is the organization that is dedicated to carry out various social activities, establishing the ancient educational system in the form of Gurukulam, Aushadhi Nirman Karya, Ayurvedic and traditional medicinal treatments and cure, rediscovery of various medicinal herbs for effective cure of human diseases and research &development of ayurvedic medicines in the nation. The prime objective of this center would be to organize, conduct, coordinate and promote all the goals and undertakings of AMCT in various regions of the country.

The auspicious event was initiated under the able guidance of Shree K.T. Sivanandan ji is heading all the activities of AMCT. Reverend Shree K.T. Sivanandan ji informed that from now onwards all the activities in the field of Nadii- Chiktsa (Pulse Diagnosis Consultation) in the regions of Goa, will be co-ordinate and directed by this central office only.

Immediately with the inauguration of the central office at Goa, many heartfelt good wishes atarted pouring in from the offices of Gujurat, Maharashtra, Goa, Konkan and Kerela , Tamil Nadu. The photographs have been published below.

 It is indeed a step forward in building of mighty RAAM SETU for bringing health, harmony and development for the masses who have either no access to any social support as well as medical care or are already dejected by the existent social and medical therapies and treatment.