AMCT's 'Nine Iniceatives' - '9 Prakalps' Logo​

About Logo 9 Prakalps Agastyamatah Charitable Trust

आरोग्यम् -Health : Ashwino Kumar Chikitsalya

Aaroygam: The AMCT health centre is the place of treatment and wellness, and the logo shows caring hands, taking care of people’s lives for a healthier society. AMCT providing traditional method of ayurvedic treatments in India.

विद्याभ्यास: – Education : HariKrishna Gurukulam

Vidhyabhyas: The stack of books denotes the core functioning of this Prakalp – education, but through the traditional Vedic system of Guru Shishya Shiksha Paddhati.

आत्मीयम् – Spiritual : Brahmalaya

Aatmiyam: Nothing defines religious spirituality better than the sacred symbol of Om, capsulating the essense the centre of spiritual learning, consciousness and SANATANA DHARMA.

पारिस्थितिकश्रद्धा – Environmental Care : Vasudalaya

Paristhitik Shraddha: Environmental care and preservation are the core of this initiative, and the logo is the insignia of human consciousness towards nature and its conservation.

सेवनम् – Service : Aanjaneya Mandiram

Sevanam: The orphanage is a caring home for orphans and children in need – denoted by the umbrella. The motherly figure shows the warming care and love given to the children at the orphanage.

वाणिज्यम् – Business : Kuberalaya

Vanijiyam: The beam balance shows how this research and development centre will work on consistent growth of the entire organization with new findings – a true business development hub.

आत्मविचारः – Self Care : Shnmukhalaya

Aatmavichar: The meditating figurine denotes the advance learning and self-care centre promoting the importance of Vedas, Shashtras and a holistic well-being.

मृगपरिचर्या – Animal Care : Gokulam Gaushala

Mrug Paricharya: A cow, for the Gaushala – the cow shelter dedicated towards uplifting cows and other animals.

सङ्घाटनम् – Organising : Urmila Mandalam

Sangathanam: The management hub looking after all other initiatives is showcased by interlinked icon, all co related and co-dependent on each other.