The Nine Initiatives of Agastyamathah Charitable Trust

९ प्रकल्प

Agastya Ashramam - The Nine Initiatives


If one wishes to build a strong and self reliant nation then one must endeavor persistently to provide its youth the three most significant principles to conduct their lives which would make their existence purposeful and worthwhile. The three principles that should become the integral aspect of the character of youth and masses in general are 1. Good Health, 2. Right Education, 3. Satvik Food produced by Jaivik krushi or organic agricultural practice. Only these three values can help one build personality with integrity, truthfulness and compassion for all around him.

AMCT is presently working on these three projects out of nine its prakalpas, in the first phase of its establishment at Ratambhi (Ratnagiri District – Maharastra). The reason of focus on these three principle projects is that the team considers them to be of foremost significance as far as the need of the modern society is concerned !


आरोग्यम् - Health

This Ayuvedic Treatment center aims to combine the ancient Pauranic Shastric medicinal wisdom with the latest medical technologies with its base of traditional medicinal practices for holistic healing of humans, animals alike with the vision of serving the humanity and beings of the planet. Know More

विद्याभ्यास: - Education

Named after the saga Agastya the manas-Putra of load Shiva who relentlessly committed himself for propagating the Santana Dharma; will cater to divine association, devotion to righteousness, arranging the educational facility of vedic sciences in rural areas. Know More

आत्मीयम् - Spiritual

In accordance with the disciplic succession and by the blessings of Guru Padhudakas and Dandam of Gurudeva for the installation of faith in the lost tradition and re-establishment of the past glory of rich Indian culture, the institute will dedicate itself for the spiritual and religious rituals and practices that will reaffrm the faith in Vedic texts.
Environmental care

पारिस्थितिकश्रद्धा - Environmental care

This project aims at combining the traditional and modern agricultural techniques and wisdom for the research and development of agricultural activities within the country for the conservation of indigenous seeds and ancient agricultural practices. This center will also dedicate itself to cow based agricultural practices that were prevalent in ancient India. Know More

सेवनम् - Service

This temple or home will be solely dedicated to orphans and the unwanted who have been abandoned by family on account of being diseased or physically dependency. This will bring love and fearlessness to these deserted souls.
Animal Care

मृगपरिचर्या - Animal Care

This Prakalp aspires to conserve the indigenous cows and cow breeds especially found in the climatic regions in and around Goa. This research center will dedicate its activities to conservation of Indian Bulls, establishment of Self reliant models of Cow shelter through cow based agricultural and medicinal practices.

सङ्घाटनम् - Organising

To preserve all the above mentioned noble activities under Agastyamatah Charitable Trust to serve humanity. Mankind should go ahead with Paramparik ‘Guru-Shishya‘ Paddhati; to organize and provide ideal knowledge in accordance with Paramparik Gyana to maintain and develop replicas in various parts of INDIA, is the goal of Sanghathanam.
Self Care

आत्मविचारः - Self Care

This would be started as Hari Krishna Bhakti Center. This center will exclusively be devoted to advance studies, education and research of Vedas, Vedanta, Ganitam, Sashtra, Shastram, Yoga, Natam-Natanam, Vadhyam, Vaidyam, Krishi, Pashu-Palan etc. This Gurukulam will work as the research and development center for the re-establishment of these arts and ancient vedic studies for holistic approach to treat, heal and educate the humanity and to bring out physically, mentally as well as spiritually sound individuals.

वाणिज्यम् - Business

In keeping with the Indian medicinal tradition of preparing of different types of medicines like ASAVAS, CHURANS, VATTIS, BHASMA and SINDURA etc., The center will dedicate to research of newer methods of medicine preparation and their application based on Sashtras and experience. The provision of free distribution is also on the agenda keeping in mind the service towards humanity. The institute will be devoted to the lost and present indigenous medicinal art in rural and far ung areas across the country. The institute also aims to develop an educational system where-in the established and unrecognized AYURVEDACHARYA will impart education of the art of traditional medicinal art and practices to the young generation.