Shiv Nadi Yoga As Per Lada Parampara - The Ancient Traditional Ayurved Treatments​

Agastyamatah Charitable Trust offering Sampoorna Paramparik Bharatiya Chikitsa Paddhati – The Traditional Ayurved Treatments Methods as Lada Parampara are…

Shareera shuddhi: This is the stage where body is cleansed of toxins and interfering elements both externally and internally.
Chakra Suddhi: In the stage of chakra suddhi, any blocks and energy imbalance in the chakras are rectified using specific practices after analysing the Nadi.
Chakra Dhyanam: This involves practices related to realization of various chakras in the body and dhyana practices.
Bhrama Dhyanam & Bhramoupasana: Bhrama dhyanam and bhramoupasana are advanced meditation and breathing practices.

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