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Paramparik Nadi Vigyan as Ladaparampara - NadiSutra.orgNadi Vigyan or the science of pulse diagnosis used for early detection of physical, mental or emotional imbalances in body through pulses. As per Lada Parampara, pulse examination can be done through eight different points on body, the most common one being radial pulse diagnosis on wrist.  This examination helps in diagnosing any imbalance in Prakiriti doshas – Vatta (Pingala), Pitta (Ida) and Kapha (Sushumna) as well as Panch Mahabhootas – the five elements of universe.

In the hands of a Nadi Chikitsak (Pulse Examiner), the pulse can reveal any disturbance in the equilibrium, and reveal diseases before overtly symptoms are visible. This is done by placing three fingers below the wrist and measuring the radial artery – the Vata pulse is felt under the index finger, the Pitta pulse is taken under the middle finger, and the Kapha pulse is located under the ring finger. The nadi practitioner can take the pulse at other parts of the body as well, thereby gaining a very complete picture of the state of health of any patient. Early morning, with an empty stomach is the best time to take a patient’s pulse.

72000 Nadis Ancient Science of Nadi Vigyan by Lada Parampara -
72000 Nadi’s Ancient Science of Nadi Vigyan by Lada Parampara –


This technique was used to diagnose mental and physical problems in any person during the time when advanced medical technologies such as blood tests, imaging, etc. were unavailable. So as per Lada Parampara, Nadi or pulses are vibrations generated by the body, speaking about the body. Nadi Vigyan is also associated with Chakras, and with proper knowledge as well as experience of pulse reading, the body’s past, present and future health conditions can be estimated accurately. Hence, any current or incurring diseases can be diagnosed with this method, making it possible to cure diseases in early stages, or prevented before occurrence.

Ancient Nadi Vigyan By Rishi Agastya in Lada Parampara - AMCT -
72000 Nadi’s Ancient Science of Nadi Vigyan by Lada Parampara -AMCT –

"Sarvam Sugham Sarvam Shivam Sarvam Shantham"

“Om aim hrim kleem shreem
Moolam marintha chivanavarkale chivanadiyarkale potti
Chiva kopamana acharakodi noyikale potti
Nal thayana malemakale theva manam kavarnthavale potti
Malemakalana acharakodi moolikae potti
Kurumani padangale kurumuni arulae potti
Moontru chakthiye chakthimakan pathame potti
Moontru thevaney yenkal lada urupa paathame potti
En meyyiluda vilayadum sharavanabhavane potti
Aadinoyi therintha aadi marunthalarey potti
Yenkal perumale aadi moolamandavane potti
Poothankalaenthe nal thathvam thonnutiyaragavum potti
En thayanavale nal thanthe en kuru paadangale potti
En urupathile nindru kaappu neeye kaappu”
Mool Sutram of Nadi Parichaya in Lada Parampara - AMCT -
Mool Sutram of Nadi Parichaya (IDA, PINGALA, SUSUMNA in Lada Parampara – AMCT –

Frequently Asked Questions on Nadi Vigyan

•             Ancient Indian traditional healing Vedic treatment method to heal and make people suffering free from various illness/diseases-physical, psychological and emotional distress, so that they can live their full life span with prosperity and harmony. A Nadi Vaid hand have eyes in his hand which needs to be developed. Nadi Vigyan is Anubhavgamya (skill  mastered  only by practice) and  only by guru Updesham (teachings of guru)  the vast knowledge of Nadi Parikshan Vigyan is possible. Literatures and  textbooks shows you only the path but  the knowledge of Vidhi (practical practice) is only possible by a self-realized Nadi  guru-by which  a disciple (learned scholar of Nadi Vaid) can develop the ability of disease diagnosis as well as differential diagnosis which requires great Dedication, effort ,faith and  day to day  grinding practice. Thus, makes the treatment easy and effective.

•             A Nadi vaid generally places  his hand on patient’s wrist for a while and get patient’s Nadi reading and jot it down for future reference and then a treatment plan is chosen  for patient to be followed with a follow up depending upon the patient’s case.

•             Don’ts-meat, fish, egg, alcohol, smoking, tobacco, oily and spicy flavored food, packed food ,stale food  and refrigerated products.

•             Do’s-one should empty stomach, avoid morning work outs on consulting day ,avoid addiction

•             According Lada Parampara, generally left hand wrist is checked for female and right hand wrist is checked for males due to ancient Ardhnareeshwara Swaroop concept, where lord Shiva appeared in the form of half body male and half body female.

•             While checking Nadi a Nadi vaidya comes to know about Stahan , Spandana and Gaman felt while keenly observing the Nadi of a patient

•             Yes, of course a well trained Nadi Vaidya can easily do so by keenly observing Nadi reading

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