About Lada Guru Sri K T Sivanandan Vaidyar​

Expert Ancient Indian Ayruveda from Kerala and Paramparik Nadi Guru (Traditional Pulse Examiner) as Lada Parampara

Nadi Guru Sri Sivanandan Vaidyar ji
Nadi Guru Sri Sivanandan Vaidyar ji

Sri K T Sivanandan ji was born in a small village; named Mundiy eruma of Idukki District in Kerala, in the year 1966. Sri Kizhakkekara Thankkapan vaidyar practised this traditional medicinal art of healing namely LADA PARAMPARA throughout his life.

Sadguru Sri Thankkapan Vaidyar has dedicated his life and soul in development of LADA PRAMPARA. All his life he has treated and cured thousands of patients through this traditional medicinal practise. Not only this he has worked dedicatedly in search of quick and effective methods of disease diagnosis by Traditional Lada Parampara. In the estimation of physical and mental status of a patient suffering from particular ailment is another area where Guruji has accomplished noteworthy and praiseworthy goals in the field of traditional medical care and therapeutic science. Besides following Guruji has relentlessly and devotedly led to development of pure organic herbal medicines for curing various diseases and disorders of human body.

The revered Guru Sri Thankkapan Vaidyar has Lada Parampara running in his family since many generations. In fact he learned this Vidhya in the expert guidance of his own mother Shreemati Janaki Leela ji and two of his paternal uncles Shree Narayan ji and Mailan ji. One of the great Lada Gurus Sri Gopal Guru also played a significant role in his education. Thus we see the disciple succession has shaped the life of Sri K. T. Sivanandan ji into the harbinger of Lada Parampara in this modern era.

His teacher, mentor and Guide Sri Gopal Guru took Sri Thankkapan ji with him for his education at a tender age of 12 years and toured across the nation for three times.

From his childhood, Shri Thankkapan ji became familiar with the various medicinal herbs growing naturally in the various regions of the country along with the common ailments of a particular region of the nation. Thereafter he served as a Bramchari Vaidya in Subramaniyum Temple of Tamil Nadu.

After his services in Tamil Nadu he worked for a short time period in Kashi Vishwanath Temple in Dev Bhoomi  at Varanasi and later on he spent his time at Badrinath Temple while serving community.

At the age of 30 years he married Shreemati Janaki Leela ji; the daughter of a practitioner of Kalaripayattu; the ancient martial art of India.

Sadguru Shree Thankkapan studied and analysed with devotion about the various physical and mental conditions of the present generations of modern India and thereafter reaching to very significant conclusions, he decided to train his own son Sri K. T. Sivanandand ji in this medicinal art of disciple succession.

Diagnosis Of Disease With Ayurveda- NADI PARIKSHAN ​

Working on the basic principle of Ayurvedic Treatment- that is “to know the cure of the disease one must reach its root cause“, to understand the constitution of human body that is constituted of Five elements ( Pancha Tattvas) and to diagnose a disease by ‘Nadi Parikshan’; Sri K. T. Sivanandand ji prepared a full-fledged course to train the youth of the country in this ancient medicinal art for the well fare and benefit of the society and the nation.

Curing A Disease Using Traditional Medicinal Herbs For Authentic Ayurvedic Treatments​

Treatment of Disease with Sampoorna Bharatiya Ayurvedic Chikisa Paddhati based on Lada Parampara

While touring extensively across the nation, Sri K. T. Sivanandan ji understood that to treat the general masses of their ailments, people should be encouraged to take up regional and home-made remedies as popular, cost effective, most simple as well as easy accessible method of cure. According to the views of Sri K. T. Sivanandan ji, if traditional art of ‘Nadi Parikshan’ to diagnose a disease could be combined with administration of Traditional Ayurvedic herbs to cure disease, then our countrymen will have solution to heal many incurable disease in an easy and effective way.

With the blessings of his beloved father and Guru Sri Thankkapan Vaidyar, Sri K.T. Sivanandan ji committed himself devotedly to both of these services for the advantage and good of the society. In this pursuit Sri K. T. Sivanandan ji established Agastyamatah Charitable Trust (AMCT) in Kerala. He is one of the president of the trust and also of the monastery.

Other Social And Healthcare Pursuits Of AMCT [Agastya Madam Charitable Trust]​

Besides this Shree K.T. Sivanandan ji is also associated with these social and healthcare organizations-

Pulse Diagnosis Consultation​

The AMCT team is consistently serving the masses of Kerala, Tamil nadu, Goa, Tailangana, Maharashtra, Gujarat by giving consultations and addressing the various health issues by the medical technique of NADI PARIKSHAN. This activity is carried out in GAUSHALAS, AYURVEDIC HEALTH CARE CENTERS and THE HOSPITALS OF TEMPLES also in THE MEDICAL COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES for the general benefit of the masses on maximum scale.

ACTIVITIES OF Trust AMCT [Agastya Madam Charitable Trust]​

Sri K. T. Sivanandan ji and his team is alertly and enthusiastically engaged in mitigation of disasters like floods, storms, earthquakes, or cloud burst. They lovingly and dedicatedly serve the victims of such disasters with food, medicines, shelter and whatever way they can.

His team selflessly helps the less privileged children with their studies; he works to provide financial assistance to the graduates to complete their education, he himself train and guide the interested youth in the art and secret of NADI PARIKSHAN, besides this he regularly and relentlessly conducts workshop on NADI PARIKSHAN throughout the nation, workshops of traditional Indian farming methods and importance of Gaushala is also conducted by the revered and energetic Guru.


Param Guru Sri Thankkapan Vaidyar Ji
Param Guru Sri Thankkapan Vaidyar

Sri Sadguru Thankkapan vaidyar firmly believed and practised what he preached all through his life. According to him only the samaskars of Sanatan Dharma, the lifestyle, the food as described and defined by the vedic texts can only regulate the social order of the nation at the moment. He staunchly preached and practised that the future generation should be given the samskaras because these samskaras only can keep the traditional medical care practises alive. Also only the Gurukuls; the centers of Indian samaskars can be equipped with the herculean task of educating the children and reinforcing the vedic values in the young minds. These centres could serve the noble task of keeping alive the traditional medicinal art of healing through LADA PARAMPARA. This Lada Parampara being purely natural and flawless needs to be patronised and maintained for the general good of the masses.

AMCT - [Agastya Madam Charitable Trust]​

All the services provided by AMCT are based strictly on the principles laid down by the Sanatan Dharma and thus perfectly secular in nature. They are unbiased of any caste, creed or religious faiths and are purely undertaken for the upliftment and benefit of the human race. The team is dedicated to serve the injunctions of Guru and Krishna alone and so motivated by the consciousness appealing to truth, service and love for humanity at large.