Treatment Through Paramparik Massages​

Ayurvedic Treatment Through Marma Massage with Kerala Method as Lada Parampara

Combining the 5000 years old principles of Traditional Chikitsa Paddhati’s Ayurvedic massage therapy of pressure points, and the South Indian traditional massages, AMCT offers three unique types of massage therapies.

Taila Massage: As Lada Parampara Ayurvedic Treatment Method

The first one is Taila massage, or oiled massage where organic medicated oils are in combination with different oils and a blend of herbs, which is heated for optimum absorption. The oils and herbs are blended as per the Panch Mahabhut ‘The Five Elements’, and are chosen to balance the individual’s dominant Doshas. Sometimes, the oils are replaced by Ghee and the herbed oil blend is known as Sanskarit Siddha massage blend.

The massage blend is then applied to full body or parts of body, at the right temperature and correct pressure is applied to cleanse off the energy channels, which were dislodged toxins before thus balancing the Chakras. Techniques from Marma massage techniques and Kalaripattayu – Kerala’s Martial Art form are used to stimulate vital energy points. The Dosha-specific Sanskarit Siddha massage blend, combined with light and circular massaging on Kalaripattayu based pressure points awakens the body’s internal healing capabilities, boosts circulation, discards Doshas or toxins and promotes relaxation.


Puddi Massage: As Lada Parampara Ayurvedic Treatment Method

The traditional Kerala-based method known as Puddi Massage involves dried fine powder mixed with butter or Ghee to form a thick concoction for massaging. Alternatively, the extract of fresh green herbs known as “Swarasa” is used as per requirement and availability of the herbs. The mixture is applied to the affected area, part of the body, any side of the body or full body – depending on the Doshas and Ailments.

The ingredients used in Puddi Massages are tailored as per every individual’s wellness requirements, and the herbs help not just in curing the disease externally – but also reinstating Dosha balance for overall well being.


Lepanam Massage: As Lada Parampara Ayurvedic Treatment Method

The Lepanam Massage is an ancient Kerala massage technique which uses a combination of Theppu or Aushadi Lepanam and Traditional massage techniques.  The best suitable Lepanam, or medicated paste of Aushadhis (trees, plants/grass/shrubs and vines) of 32 different types are used as massaging base.

The Lepanams are applied on body or body parts using two methods: with hands for massaging and with barefoot for massaging. Through the barefoot massage, the therapist delivers deep, broad and consistent pressure for effective therapeutic benefits without causing pain or discomfort.

Traditional Ayurved Treatments At AMCT