Traditional Herbs - Paramparik Aushadhi​

Churna, Kashayam, Oils, Dhoopam , Ghritam, Nasyam, Lepanam, Swaras and Tailam as Ancient Method of Bhartiya Chikitsa Paddhati


Medicines prepared by using Leaves ,Roots, Combination of leaves and root, Kashayam- Medicinal decoction Choornam- Medicinal Powders.


Pancha Gavyam.


Medicated Oils.


Medicated Ghee.


Swaras- Herbal juice

Lada Parampara classifies aushadhi or herbs into three groups: shrubs/plants/grass, vines and trees; and each of these groups consist of 64 varieties growing across India. Hence it can be said that there are 192 main varieties of herbs that serve for medicinal purposes, and all these herbs are grown in India and harvested as directed in ancient scriptures.

In the Traditional Treatment Method – Ancient Ayurvedic Treatments of India (Paramparik Chikitsa Paddhati) as “Lada Parampara”  scriptures, uses of every Aushadhi and parts of the plants to be used with precise formulations are described. The roots, leaves, flowers, fruits and seeds of various herbs are used alone, or in combination to formulate herbal drugs. Lada Parampara also prescribes a specific method of collecting authentic herbs, which includes growing the herbs in specific type of soils and regions; harvesting in specific seasons and time; recitations and poojanam; and precise collection & preservation of different the parts of Aushadhi. Following these steps allows production of drugs to deliver the expected therapeutic effects, if used judiciously with precise dosage.

These herbs are used to prepare various forms of medicines like – Churna (consumable powers), Kashayam , Oils, Dhoopam (herbs for fumigation) , Ghritam (herbal ghee) , Nasyam (Nasal Medications), Lepanam (herbal paste), Swaras (juices or extracts) and Tailam. With specific individual or combination of herbs prescribed in Lada Paramparik Chikitsa, AMCT prepares 32 types of each medicinal form. From a wide array of medicines, each patient is prescribed to use singular or combination of these herbal medicines to address their diseases and considering Tridosha related problems.

All medicines and drugs prepared at AMCT follows the directions, formulations and concentrations as per the ancient scriptures. Hence, each medicine is authentic, herbal and completely chemical free – eradicating risks of side effects and pharmaceutical complications. Since all the drugs are herbal, their shelf life is lower compared to allopathic medicines, so preservation and proper consumption is advisable for best outcomes.

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