AshokValley - Garden of Indian (Traditional) Medicinal Herbs and Plants

A Garden of 2000+ Ayurvedic Aushadhi (Medicinal Herbs)

Indian Traditional Medicinal Herbs Plants Garden India -AMCT

The medicinal herbs as described and used in the ancient healing system are effort-fully grown and maintained in ‘AshokValley’; the botanical garden cum research center of AMCT. This particular site is specifically nurtured and fostered by the practice of ‘cow based agriculture’, by the AMCT team in co-operation with the villagers of nearby rural area. The center has also dedicated itself in recognition, collection and preparation of medicines (herbal Medicines) used in healing of various ailments, holistically and naturally, as based on Ayurvedic principles. Here AMCT is trying its level best to conserve the indigenous seeds of various crops and endeavoring to carry out traditional agricultural practices based on the standard of ‘GAU ADHARIT KRISHI’.

The traditional healing arts believe that four things are essential for

  • Living A Healthy Life
  • Pollution Free Air
  • Clean Water
  • Right And Balanced Diet
  • Physical Exercise 

A person having access to such pollution free environment and relaxed life without mental stress cannot fall ill. If however man should take to illness of some kind then, traditional medical healing system employs the use of 64 basic types of medicines and medicinal techniques to restore the patient’s health.

Utilizing more than 2000 varieties of herb which may include the use of Leaf, Roots, Cloves, Barks from underwater plants or mountain Herbs, Floating Leafs, and various Aquatic Plants along with Upland Plants like Grasses; a traditional healer successfully restores the normal functioning of patient’s physical health in natural way.

The treatment basically employs the principle of ‘PANCHBHOOT VIDHAN’ (employing the five element earth, water, air, fire and space) to restore balance of TRIDOSHA [VAAT, PITTA, KAPHA} in body. This is done, using both the medicinal herbs and the SAD RASA (Sweet, Sour, Bitter, Salty, Pungent And Astringent) obtained from the nature.

a step towards Environment Care against Global Warming in India