About AMCT - Agastyamatah Charitable Trust​

AMCT or Agastyamatah Charitable Trust is evidently the only place where the traditional art of diagnosis and healing using Saint Agastya’s Lada Parampara – a form of Paramparik (Traditional) Ayurveda, for Nadi Vidya (science of pulses) and Nadi Parikshan (pulse diagnosis) is currently practiced. The trust is helmed by Sri K.T. Sivanandan Vaidyar, the only surviving person in the world, with the knowledge of Lada Parampara-based Nadi Sutra, the secret science of pulse diagnosis.

AMCT - 9 Prakalps Logo
9 Prakalps of AMCT Trust

Our goal is to serve the society with this forgotten ancient medicinal science, and spread awareness among the youth for a healthier society. AMCT runs on the idea that correct diagnosis is the root of effective treatment, and use the gift of ancient healing to cure everything – from the most common disease to the conventionally incurable ones. The secret science of Lada Parampara allows us to treat some of the conventionally incurable diseases (non-invasive methods) like brain tumour, spinal diseases, Multiple Sclerosis (MS), heart diseases, diabetes, thyroid, etc.

AMCT holds regular Nadi Parikshan sessions in 5 states and 23 cities of India with a goal to provide effective natural treatment to those seeking alternatives to conventional chemical-based drugs to cure their ailments and illnesses. To avail the benefits of Nadi Parikshan camps, AMCT has associated with Gaushalas, health centres, hospitals, etc. in Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Goa, Telangana, Maharashtra and Gujarat.

Besides treating people, the goal of AMCT is to preserve this extinguishing medical science of pulse diagnosis and propagate it to future generations by educating students as well as modern medics. Nadi Sutra training sessions and workshops are held across various cities teach Nadi Vigyan to medics, students and those interested in healing people through the traditional Lada Parampara.

Functional across India, AMCT is headquartered in Goa with support of a dedicated team looking into multiple service segments of the organization including – healthcare, educational, research & development, spirituality and social work. In total there are nine different initiatives serving all these purposes, and we call them the Nine Initiatives (Nine Prakalps).

The Nine Initiatives Are:​

  1. Ashwini Kumar Chikitsalaya – the health center practicing ancient Ayurvedic treatments to cure diseases and promote a healthy society
  2. Harikrishna Gurukulam – the educational institute following vedic educational system and propagating the Sanatana Dharma
  3. Brahmalaya – the spiritual centre teaching religious and spiritual aspects through disciple system
  4. Vasudhalaya – the initiative aiming to amalgamate traditional and modern agricultural techniques for the betterment of agro-dependent society
  5. Aganaya Mandir – the caring home dedicated for uplifting the orphans and abandoned children
  6. Kuberalaya – the medicinal research and development centre for preparing traditional chemical-free medicines based on Shashtras, Ayurveda and experience
  7. Shanamukhalaya – the advanced learning centre based on Vedic studies based on Vedas, Vedanta, Ganitam, Sashtra, Yoga, Natam-Natanam, Vaidhyam, Krishi, etc.
  8. Gokulam Gaushala – the special cow shelter for special breeds of cows and conservation of Indian bulls of the Goa region
  9. Urmila Mandalam – the management hub of all above initiatives, responsible for functioning of all eight initiatives

Team AMCT is also involved in selfless social work and has been actively engaged in disaster and emergency aid during floods, storms, earthquakes, or cloud burst in its functional regions. As a whole, AMCT is a fully functional trust, actively working in various sectors for the multi-factor betterment of the society.