Celebration 74th Atma Nirbhar Independence Day 2020 15 August -AMCT - NadiSutra.

Celebrate ATMA NIRBHAR BHARAT By Hoist The Indian Flag With AMCT, Bringing Back Your Health By Bharatiya Medicine

Let's celebrate the rising of ATMA NIRBHAR BHARAT.

Come hoist the tricolour of patriotism, Ayurvedic medicinal system and service to Gaumata with AMCT.

On the occasion of 74th Independence Day of India let us pledge our freedom from poor health, disease, pollution, poverty to celebrate life in complete auspiciousness and prosperity. Let us serve the nation by serving humanity by establishing DHARMA towards individual and community health.

Paramparik Bharatiya Krishi

Agastyamatah Charitable Trust team wishes you happy independance day to all of you.