Pancha Snanam

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Pancha Snanam

Diagnosis of diseases by nadi shodhana and treatment through readily available plants.

Depending on the deficiency of five elements in the body, Five types of bath are prescribed

  1. Pruthvi Snanam Mud bath using specially prepared medicated mud
  2. Vayu Snanam Dhoopam- fumigation of different parts of the body using medicines.
  3. Aakaya Snanam- ushna vayu with different medicinal herbs
  4. Jala Snanam – Bath in pure water ,Seawater and Different types of medicated water.
  5. Agni Snanam:
    (a)Surya snanam – Direct, Indirect, Sunbath with medicated oils.
    (b)Agni Jwala snanam- Direct, Indirect.


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