Ayurved Treatments at AMCT India


We utilize Nadisutra (pulse reading) along with traditional diagnosis techniques and offer treatment as per Lada Parampara. Majorly four major type of treatments Panja Snanam, Aushadhi (medicines), Body Pack (Thepu) and Massage.

Treatments as Lada Parampara Ayurveda
Indian Traditional Ayurved Method of Treatments

Panch Snanam as Lada Parampara Ancient Ayurved India

Panch Snanam

Dosha Nivaran Methods of taking Baths (Snanam) as part of treatment described in Lada Parampara Vidya treatment part.


Groups of herbs from 3 major types mentioned in Lada Parampara of Treatment, we prepare various ranges of Churna, Kashayam, Oils, Dhoopam, Ghreet, Nasyam, Lepanam etc.

Treatment Theppu Lepanam As Ancient Ayurveda Lada Parampara India


As per Lada Parampara there are 3 major types of selected Grass, Plants and Trees considered as Aushadi (Herbs) out of those we prepare different combinations and mixtures of them.

Treatment Massage As Ancient Ayurved Lada Parampara India


Into the South Indian Keraliyan Parampara there are 3 types of massages, Taila Massage (with using medicated oil), Puddi Massage (Using wet and dry herbs) and the third one is Lepanm Massage.

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Indian Traditional Ayurvedic Treatments