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Nadi Vigyan Re-Orientation & Documentation Programme At Surat

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 It is a special day for Agastyamatah Charitable Trust [AMCT] team to get together for a special programme ‘Nadi Vigyan Re –Orientation & Documentation Programme’ based on pulse analysis and diagnosis. AMCT team marks this programme with the opening by Vd. Umang Pandya [ Principal-Global Ayurveda College & National Secretory of Agastyamathah Charitable Trust]. He […]

Pulse Diagnosis

Pulse Diagnosis Camp At Goa

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Nadi Chikitsa (Pulse Analysis) Camp in Ponda Goa by AMCT Like the 25th of every month; this month also Shree K. T. Sivanadan Guruji and AMCT team conducted his medical consultation and tradition healing with Nadi Chikitsa camp on 25.5.2019 in Goa. Mostly the health issues related to headache, backache, digestive problems, dehydration were addressed […]


Nadi Pariksha Workshop Gujarat

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Ayurvedic Doctors Upgrading Their Knowledge of Nadi Parikshan – a Learning Camp at Gandhinagar Gujarat AMCT team recently conducted its 5th session of Nadi Parikshna Chikitsa camp in Gujarat on 19/5/2019. The team under the able guidance of Shri K.T. Sivanandan ji’s approach was to reconcile and include the holistic and comprehensive methods of traditional […]

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Nadi Pariksha Learning Workshop

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Successful Completion Of Workshop On Nadi Parikshan Another Feather In Cap For AMCT Quite recently an attention-grabbing and interesting program was held at Kurushetra (Haryana – India). The program chiefly dealt with combining the Indian traditional healing practices with Ayurveda in order to find out easy and accessible solutions and diagnosis of human ailment. This […]