About Agastyamatah Charitable Trust (AMCT)

About Agastyamatah Charitable Trust

Agastyamatah Charitable Trust was officially established and registered on 9 th December 2013 with the aim and vision to promote and promulgate the traditional healing art or PARAMPARIK AYURVEDA of ‘NADI VIDYA’ and ‘NADI PARIKSHAN’ (PULSE DIAGNOSIS) through educating and encouraging the upcoming generations in this art. The trust is dedicating to conserve and preserve our ancient healing practice for the benefit of general masses, desperately looking for effective alternative methods of healing for curing terminal ailments.

Envisioned by Sri K.T. Sivanandan Vaidyar and under his able guidance the trust members aspire to take this wonderful holistic art of healing to each and every home so that the countrymen can take the advantage of this practice without spending huge expanses and without compromising their health by depending on chemical drugs of the treatment of incurable diseases and disorders; becoming so prevalent in society.

The trust especially is an attempt to popularize the forgotten ancient arts like Kallaripayattu, pulse diagnosis and healing (NadiChikitsa), pressure point healing (Marm Chikitsa), traditional art of cultivation of medical herbs (Paramparik Ayurvedic AushadhiKrushi) and organizational and architectural works (NirmanKarya) etc.

Kallaripayattu uses the pressure points called ‘MARMA’ to heal and cure the patient by targeting the ‘PANCHA-KOSHA’ (read more about PANCHKOSHA here) of human body.

Currently AMCT is engaged into various activities like Ayurvedic Chikitsa camps to serve needy and ill people. Sri K T Sivanandanji and his team is engaged actively in Kerala, Karnataka, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Goa, Tamil Nadu and other parts in India, to educate BAMS personals and in establishing Research and Development of manufacturing of curative herbs (Aushadi Nirman) for treatment as well as for restoration of health of people in general.

In near future the trust aims to develop a Gurukulam, a Goshala, a Ayurvedyashala ,AYURVED PRASIKSHAN KENDRA, Swasthya AnusandhanKarya (Health Research and Development) where the children and medical practitioners of Ayurvedic medical care (Ayurveda-Acharya ) will be trained and educated under the proficient leadership and direction of Sri K.T. Sivanandan Vaidyar and his team.

AMCT is looking after entire social services from central office at Goa with their dedicated dynamic team.